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Mascarpone & Raspberry Éclair
30 pcs Eclair Shells (716127)

Mascarpone Cream Ingredients
130g Fond Royal Mascarpone
210g Water
525g Dairy Cream, Whipped, Unsweetened
40g Raspberry Fruit Paste (DRE 20804 6)

300g Glaze (recipe below)
30 pcs Raspberries, Fresh
As Needed Donut Sugar
30 pcs Chocolate Decoration

Glaze Recipe
310g Topglanz Glaze (DRE 31018 3)
100g Pastry Fondant (DGF 8177)
100g Water
To Taste Raspberry Fruit Paste (DRE 20804 6)


Glaze Instructions

  1. Heat up water and pastry fondant, add topglanz.
  2. Boil for 3 minutes, add fruit paste for taste and color.

Éclair Instructions

  1. Prepare the Mascarpone Cream, marble in Raspberry Fruit Paste and fill the eclairs.
  2. Cover the eclairs with glaze, and decorate with raspberry, chocolate décor and a dusting of sugar.