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Raspberry Tarte
Raspberry Jelly
12.30 oz (375 g) Raspberry Puree (DGF 4408)
10 Sheets Gelatin
1.40 oz (40 g) Sugar

6 Sheets Shown in recipe: 8.6" (22 cm) Straight Edge Tart, can be substituted for Jean Ducourtieux 8.6" Braided Sweet Tart Shell (150405)

Pastry Cream
14.00 oz (400 g) DGF Pastry Cream Mix (DGF 8101)
34.00 oz (1 L) Milk
7.00 oz (200 g) Whipped Cream
1 Pod Vanilla
4 Sheets Gelatin


Pastry Cream
Add 14 oz (400 g) DGF pastry cream powder to 34 oz (1 L) of cold milk. Mix on low until the powder is completely dissolved and then on high for 3 minutes or until the pastry cream is smooth and shiny. Let pastry cream sit for 10 minutes prior to working with. Add the warm melted gelatin and vanilla to the pastry cream and gently fold in the whipped cream.

Raspberry Jelly
Heat raspberry puree with sugar and soaked gelatin sheets, keep warm.
Pour mixture into greased dome shaped silicone molds
Place in refrigerator

Assemble and Decoration
Place Sweet Tart Shell in hot oven quickly for a crisp texture
Pipe pastry cream into the shell
Place raspberry jelly dome on top of pastry cream in the center of the tart
Place berries onto tart
Decorate with Mirror Neutral Glaze (24977) and White Chocolate Blossom Curls (96302)