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Misterio 58% Chocolate Coconut Budino
By: Stanton Ho
Luker Misterio 58% Chocolate Coconut Budino
8.00 oz (225g) Coconut Milk
4.00 oz (115g) Water
1.20 oz (35g) Luker Cocoa Powder 22-24% (LUK CP1)
4.59 oz (130g) Granulated Sugar
1.00 oz (28g) Corn Starch
Pinch (1g) Salt
4 Each Egg Yolks
8.00 oz (225g) Milk
8.00 oz (225g) Heavy Cream
0.40 oz (10g) Pure Vanilla Extract Madagascar (60000)
4.00 oz (115g) Luker Misterio 58% Chocolate (LUK D201)

Coconut Tuiles
1.30 oz (38g) Desiccated Coconut (Unsweetened)
1.30 oz (38g) Granulated Sugar
0.60 oz (18g) All Purpose Flour
0.60 oz (18g) Egg
0.60 oz (18g) Heavy Cream
0.60 oz (18g) Unsalted Butter (Melted)

Cream Chantilly
4.00 oz (115g) Heavy Cream
0.20 oz (5g) Confectionery Sugar (Sifted)
1/8 tsp (1 dash) Pure Vanilla Extract Madagascar (60000)


Misterio 58% Chocolate Coconut Budino

  1. In a small sauce pot, heat the water and coconut milk.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients; the sugar, corn starch, the cocoa powder, and the salt. Dissolve the dry ingredients with about a quarter of the hot mixture, whisking it into a smooth consistency. Add in the remaining hot mixture. Once mixed thoroughly, slowly add in the egg yolks one at a time and blend well with a hand whisk.
  3. Place the milk and cream into another small sauce pot. On a low heat, bring to a boil.
  4. Add a third of the boiling milk and cream to the coconut milk and cocoa mixture. Mix it to a smooth consistency, before adding it into the sauce pot with the remaining milk and cream. Using a rubber spatula, stirring constantly, cook until 175°F to 180°F and thicken.
  5. Pour through a sieve, over a bowl containing the lukers "misterio 58%" chocolate and the pure vanilla extract. Allow the hot liquids to disolve the chocolate solids for a few minutes, before mixing with a spatula.
  6. Pour into the desired vessel, placing a plastic wrap onto the opening. This will prevent a Skin to form onto the surface. Place it into refrigeration for at least 4 hours or until set.

Coconut Tuiles

  1. Combine the first three ingredients and mix together. Add in the eggs, the heavy cream, and the melted butter. Mix well and chill (for a short while) till the mixture becomes a firm consistency.
  2. Using a pastry bag with a half inch plain round pastry tip, pipe small 1/2" rounds onto a silicone baking mat. This dough will be covered with a piece of parchment paper
    Or a baking foil and flattened by a flat surface object, so it has to be spaced according to the size preference. Place the entire sheet into the freezer for a 10 minutes. Chilling the prepared batter will enable the top silicone sheet to be removed cleaner from the tuile batter.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven set at 330° f. Bake to a light golden brown coloration or for 12 minutes. Cool it thoroughly, before placing it into an air tight container.

Cream Chantilly

  1. Chill the mixing bowl and the whisk.
  2. Whisk the heavy cream to a soft peak. Sift the confectionery sugar and fold into the cream. Add in the vanilla. The cream should be at a medium peak as a finish product.