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Coffee-Chocolate Tablets
By: Frank Vollkommer
Coffee-Chocolate Tablets
1.10 oz (30g) Coffee Flavor Paste
9.20 oz (260g) Cream
2.10 oz (60g) Glucose Syrup
14.80 oz (420g) Noche 40% Milk Chocolate (LUK M204)
4.20 oz (120g) Tumaco 65% Single Origin Dark Chocolate (LUK D102)
1.10 oz (30g) Trablit Coffee Extract
As Needed Dark Chocolate Covered Instant Coffee (LUK G504)
As Needed Noche 40% Milk Chocolate (LUK M204)
As Needed Edible Gold Powder

  1. Pre scale all of the ingredients for the Coffee Ganache Filling.
  2. Heat the cream, glucose and coffee flavor paste in a small pan or microwave to 160°F
  3. Grind the Luker Noche 40% Milk Chocolate and Tumaco 65% Dark Chocolate using a food processor.
  4. Add the hot cream-coffee mixture to the chocolate and process until smooth. Apply heat using a heat gun if needed.
  5. Add the coffee extract and process again until smooth. Do not over blend the ganache filling.
  6. Scrape the coffee ganache filling into a disposable piping bag and allow to cool to room temperature.
  7. Dust the Luker Dark Chocolate Instant Coffee with edible gold powder and spoon a few into each mold cavity.
  8. Using tempered Luker Noche 40% Chocolate, pipe a small amount around each to secure them to the mold.
  9. Flood the mold with tempered chocolate, empty the excess chocolate and scrape the top clean using a taping knife.
  10. Allow the mold to crystallize inverted on metal or plastic bars, scraping the top again after a few minutes.
  11. Fill the pre-coated molds with the Coffee Ganache, being sure not to fill above the top of each cavity. Allow the ganache to crystallize.
  12. Apply a backing coat of tempered chocolate and scrape level to seal in the filling. Allow the finished mold to crystallize fully.