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How to Make Chocolate Twigs with Jamie Caudy

Alternative Flours

As allergens and increased need for better nutritionals arise in the food industry, alternative flours can help produce a custom product that fits the needs of more customers. Try making your next pizza dough or bread with a mixture of pulse flours. Pulse flours are ingredients such as lentil or pea flours. These flours can increase your protein and if used alone, provide a gluten-free option for your baked goods.

These flours can often absorb more liquid than a traditional dough, so be sure to test your recipe to make adjustments accordingly. Because of the lack of gluten in the dough, remember that the reactions will differ during each step of the process, and may often be a lot looser of a dough once mixed. Once the dough has rested it is often slightly tacky but operates similar to an AP dough.

The earthy taste and color of the dough can really be used to your benefit to promote healthy eating without being too overpowering.

Chef Andrea Todd

Cocoa Butters

For keeping cocoa butter colors melted and ready for use at a perfect 90 degrees try using an electric yogurt maker. Most home sized yogurt machines have several compartments perfect for holding cocoa butter bottles and are programmable in 24 hour increments.

Master Pastry Chef, Frank Volkommer


The use of a bag clip or large stationary clip on open-ended pastry bags makes refilling during production neat and clean.

During the plating of large scale banquets, using small portion cups to pre-stage fruits, sauces or garnishes can help with speed and accurate portion control.

Master Pastry Chef, Frank Volkommer

Sweet Dumplings

Asian soup dumplings are popping up with increased popularity. Try making a sweet version using your favorite Luker Chocolate!

Soup dumplings are a great culinary adventure that gives the most exciting splash of flavors when you bite into one. The key is in the dumpling filling, it has to be solid when assembled and liquid once steamed. After thinking about these savory little flavor explosions I thought, why not fill one with ganache?

To make your dumpling dough with the most desirable texture, be sure to use boiling water when mixing. Just be careful to use a wooden spoon or chopsticks, as it will be too hot to handle at first. Once you have your dough, ready roll out each dumpling with a thin rolling pin and pivoting around the center to achieve a round dumpling.

For your filling, make a 1:1 ratio of ganache using your Luker Chocolate of choice. Pour into a parchment lined pan and freeze. Once frozen, cut into small cubes, approximately 1" x 1" and wrap your dumpling dough around the ganache. Steam and enjoy your ooey gooey chocolatey dumpling!

Chef Andrea Todd


To maintain the freshness of fondant once opened, cover the surface with a small amount of simple syrup or water. The liquid layer may be poured off prior to the next use.

Master Pastry Chef, Frank Volkommer

Spray Machines

Keeping overspray from an airbrush or chocolate sprayer under control can be achieved using a box fan and cut-to-fit furnace filter. Arrange the fan to pull overspray airflow away from your work and into the filter attached to the output side of the fan.

Master Pastry Chef, Frank Volkommer

Baking Tools & Equipment
Spatulas, chocolate molds, pastry bags and more