Joan Repato

Pastry Chef | San Francisco, CA

Joan Repato

Joan Repato has been in the culinary industry for over 25 years with professional training as a chef and pastry chef.

She worked as On-Board Executive Chef for Lindblad Expeditions, a high-end, 60 passenger cruise ship. As a Pastry Chef for NCLA (Norwegian Cruise Lines - America, based in Hawaii) and was Chef Manager and Director for a food service management company.

For 12 years, Joan owned and operated a successful pastry business in Napa Valley called "Sweet Finale" that focused on wholesale, retail and catering.

Prior to joining Dreidoppel, Joan worked for Marque Foods as a flourishing Sales Rep and Product Specialist. JoanJoan's current position is as the Dreidoppel Technical and Sales Advisor for the US market.